Electronics Trend Report in Japanese

The Electronics Industry Trends (The Truth Behind the Barcode) is now available in Japanese. Please click here to download (or open) the full report:  『電子機器産業レポート――バーコードの裏の真実』日本語版ができました。レポート本体はこちらをクリック。 Here is the Introductory Guide to the Electronics Industry Trends (The Truth Behind the Barcode) Japanese version. Please click here to download (or open) the introduction: 『電子機器産業レポート――バーコードの裏の真実』の発表にあたって」(日本語解説ページ)はこちらをクリックしてください。    

Free2Work Mobile App Update

The Free2Work App for iPhone and Android is currently unavailable on the iTunes and Google Play Stores while it is undergoing an assessment. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the Free2Work project and check out all of our company ratings on our website!

Mapping a Supply Chain: Consumer Electronics

Have you ever wondered where your consumer electronics come from?  The supply chain for consumer electronics is complex, composed of many layers, and involves many parties. This makes it difficult to trace where labor abuses occur. Most products travel through various parts of the world, and the making of electronics is a prime example of that. Our goal… Read more

The Attitude-Behavior Gap

Do you believe that companies should be socially responsible?  Would you be willing to pay somewhat more for a product produced by a company committed to offering decent working conditions?  Would you be willing to forsake your favorite brand in favor of a brand that actively works to address the issues of forced labor and… Read more

Linking Human-Trafficking and the Environment

“Today more than ever, society has come to recognize that the anthropogenic destruction of our planet’s sustainable biodiversity negatively impacts humankind, placing human life at risk.  The cause-and effect relationship that exists between environmental collapse and the subsequent risk to our existence can no longer be ignored.” – Romina Picollotti, Linking Human Rights and the… Read more

Will legislation make companies more accountable?

Engaging in human rights dialogue, prior to 2012, was optional for California-based companies.  While no company would publicly argue that the use of forced or child labour at any level of the supply chain is an unethical business practice, it was largely up to the discretion of the company whether or not to take action. … Read more

Human Rights Abuses in the Seafood Industry

The life of a commodity never begins at the cash register.  By the time it reaches a store shelf, a product has the potential to have already encountered a series of human rights breaches during the trajectory of its production.   Just one glance at the range of industries featured on the Free2Work website indicates that… Read more

Ethical Valentines Day Gifts

Flowers, jewelry, and chocolate:  collectively, these are the modern-day linchpin of Valentine’s Day.  Yet lurking in the shadows of these industries is a myriad of highly-contentious labour issues.  In order to produce larger quantities of products at a lower price, many companies knowingly or unknowingly use supply chains in which child or forced labour, poor… Read more