Learn how your favorite brands relate to trafficking and other labor abuses. Free2Work provides consumers with information on forced and child labor for the brands and products they love.

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The Electronics Industry Trends (The Truth Behind the Barcode) has been translated and is now available in Japanese. Links to the introduction and report are provided below.



Why Free2Work?About Free2Work

There is a story behind each barcode. Most products travel through various parts of the world and through many hands before they reach us. Free2Work provides consumers with information on how products relate to modern-day slavery. Through the site you can learn how your favorite brands are working to address forced and child labor. You can also access in-depth information about industry issues through our Industry pages and news feeds, and learn more about trafficking and supply chains through our blog posts. Free2Work is additionally working to provide Industry Best Practice Reports for brands seeking management resources, and is available for dialogue with companies on an ongoing basis. Read more…

What do the ratings mean?Ratings

Free2Work grades are a measure of a brands’s efforts to make sure that child and forced labor do not exist in its supply chain. The grades are based on publicly available information and data self-reported by the company. Free2Work conducts each evaluation using a 60+ question assessment tool that focuses on the brand’s labor policies and practices. Questions fall in four categories: Policies, Transparency & Traceability, Monitoring & Training, and Worker Rights. Free2Work distils complicated supply chain information by focusing on three main production phases of each brand’s supply chain. We examine company efforts down to the raw materials level, where risks of trafficking are often the greatest. Before grades are assigned, we also weigh the specific risks inherent to each particular supply chain. Read more…

How Can I Learn More?Resources

To learn more, you can read about Free2Work, peruse our Resources, browse our blog articles, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or email us at feedback@free2work.org.